Miriam has extensive governance experience. Capable and dedicated to her board work, she is never afraid to express her point of view, but, equally, is an active listener at board discussions.

Present directorships are:

  • Chair, Banking Ombudsman Scheme (an approved body to resolve complaints between banks and customers)
  • Director, Ōtākaro Limited (responsible for delivering the Government’s key anchor projects in Christchurch)
  • Director, REINZ – Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (a membership organisation representing  more than 14,000 real estate professionals nationwide)
  • Director, Chorus Limited (responsible for the provision of the country’s telecommunications infrastructure (fibre and copper) nationwide)

Past directorships include:

  • Director, Crown Infrastructure Partners (the company established by the Government to manage its $1.5 billion investment in ultra-fast broadband infrastructure and repurposed to assist with the deployment of water and roading infrastructure to support a timely increase in housing supply).
  • Chair, NZ On Air (New Zealand’s funding agency for public media content)
  • Deputy chair, Auckland Council Investments Limited (a company to manage the council’s shares in Auckland’s port and airport and the Waitakere film studio)
  • Director and trustee, Royal New Zealand Ballet (the country’s premier ballet company, formed in 1953)
  • Member, Auckland Transition Authority (the body responsible for amalgamating Auckland’s seven councils into a single territorial authority in 2009-10)
  • Member, Interim Electricity Market Authority (2010) (the transition agency responsible for implementing the 2009 electricity reforms)
  • Member, International Accreditation New Zealand Council (which provides accreditation services to businesses) (2004-11)
  • Member, Civil Aviation Authority (New Zealand’s civil aviation regulator) (1997-99)
  • Deputy chair, Commerce Commission (New Zealand’s competition and consumer watchdog) (2003)

Miriam has also served on many other governing or advisory boards or committees, including those of LEADR New Zealand (Lawyers Engaged in Alternative Dispute Resolution), the New Zealand Law Society, Auckland District Law Society, the Law Foundation, the Legal Research Foundation and the Competition Law and Policy Institute.

Miriam is currently chair of the Legal Advisory Group of the Greater Christchurch Earthquakes Claims Resolution Service, as well as in that capacity, a member of the Advisory Committee.  The Greater Christchurch Claims Resolution Service was set up by the Rt Hon Minister Woods to assist with resolution of outstanding claims from the Canterbury earthquake. She is currently, too, the chair of the Ministry of Justice’s Legal Aid Advisory Group and a member of the Department of Internal Affairs’ Advisory Board.

Miriam recently chaired the Screen Sector Strategy Facilitation Group, which is responsible for developing a 10-year strategy for the screen sector at the request of the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern.  She was also chair of the Auckland Council’s Independent Reference Panel with oversight of its value for money reviews under s 17A of the Local Government Act 1972.