Miriam Dean CNZM QC

Barrister | Director | Reviewer | Mediator & Arbitrator

Miriam brings to clients and boardrooms a persuasive combination of skills:

  • Commercial and strategic legal acumen
  • Governance expertise across a diverse range of boards
  • Mediation and arbitration experience that avoids courtroom disputes
  • A proven record in conducting public inquiries.

More than 38 years of experience in commercial dispute resolution and 25 years in governance shape the advice she provides and the investigative work she carries out. In both capacities, she takes a focused, sound and practical approach.

As a Queen’s Counsel and independent director, Miriam has a depth of legal and governance skills to take on the most difficult and diverse issues. In the growing area of inquiry and review roles, she uses those skills to achieve change. An original thinker, she has a collaborative style and enjoys working as part of a team.

She has built up experience in mediating and arbitrating disputes in a variety of sectors and is also skilled in negotiation and facilitation. Her goal is fast, cost-effective outcomes. Miriam is also a judge of the Pitcairn Islands Court of Appeal.